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Mumbai Saga (2021) Review

Mumbai Saga 2021 Full Movie Download
Mumbai Saga 2021 Full Movie Download

Films like this one, which doesn’t have anything big in terms of a plot and little towards performance, help you connect with your fellow Indian people. I have always preferred comedy and after watching Mumbai Saga (2021), it’s evident that it’s not a safe choice in watching a film.

We feel what the characters are going through and this helps us relate to it even more. There are definitely many small points that help you sympathize with the characters but then there are major instances that remind you how horrible the ’90s was, which also made it quite a thrilling experience.

The role of the cops was well-written. They’re well-trained and know the action moves and how to approach criminals with a plan.

The Plot of Mumbai Saga (2021) Full Movie Download

Amartya Rao goes from living a simple life to that of a feared gangster in Mumbai during the ’90s. He is a total loser in life until fate brings him to the doorstep of a criminal politician and a police officer. How is Amartya Rao’s life going to change forever?

The Depiction of a Relationship Amartya Rao (Sunny Deol) is married to Chitra (Neelima Azeem) who is innocent but on a mission to make Amartya Rao a big man in life and his home.

However, as his destiny takes him on the path of darkness, he gets close to the character named Asha (Kajal Aggarwal) who is a prostitute by profession. Asha ends up convincing him to indulge in prostitution and be a big man, which he agrees to because of his bad upbringing and his love for his wife.

What We Liked About Mumbai Saga (2021) Movie Download Filmyzilla

1. Endearing Performance By Mohanlal: Yes, he does in fact transform into a gangster in the movie with just a mustache and a half-sleeved jacket. But when Mohanlal looks into the camera, he has the real devilment and killer charm going on!

2. Idle comic timing: Even though the movie has a serious approach, it’s also a movie where there are jokes going around. The main humor in the movie comes from Pawan Kalyan aka Meka Naveen and Mohanlal’s fights.

3. A little bit of emotional maturity: Though the movie has an obvious action drama, it also has a bit of heart and dramatic scenes in it which makes you smile. We also thought that the songs were full of emotions and dance to. What Could Have Been Better About Mumbai Saga (2021)?

Our Concerns About Mumbai Saga (2021) Download Filmyzilla

‘Mumbai Saga (2021)’ is a good movie as per its basic plot which creates the history and a vivid picture of the 80s which is everyone’s favorite era of Indian cinema.

What can be expected, a film that’s well-made and likable for the masses of the 80s and 90s is always welcome. What matters is the cliches used and some other unfortunate flaws that find their way to the film.

It is a film that needs to be seen to be believed in and in all sincerity. The Film That Comes On First If you are first in the queue for the next show, you would not enjoy this new release, as your pockets are empty and you’re already on the verge of losing your soul to a lesser version of Michael Jackson.

If you are among the many queuing up for the next show, watch it with a wide-open mind.


Both the lead actors of the movie have done a great job and complimented each other. All the action sequences, the fights were memorable and superbly choreographed.

The film created a good atmosphere for the first half. And the second half is just epic, it’s filled with action and action only.

The only problem is, the first half of the movie was fantastic and the second half went way too slow and took too much time to show the climax of the film. But a well-made movie that keeps you engaged with all the action.

Star Cast & Crew Amartya Rai and Aasif Sheikh play the roles of Shiba Muh and Sheikh Raza respectively. The other actors in the movie were successful actors Sunil Thapa, Aparna Gopinath, Shubhavi Shrivastav, Dr. Mohammed Shafi, Deepankar Ghosh, Sashi Joshi, Ziaur Rahman, and S.